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The Apostasy and Restoration

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The Apostasy and Restoration


The truth about the sect of Nazarene Judaism the original Jewish followers of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah and what prophecy says about the apostasy from and the restoration of this ancient sect.

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Reviewer: Giovanni.DiMedici - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 6, 2013
Subject: false report attack on james
Watch out for the false accusers "sourcesandfacts" & "help4truth"! What a pair of nut cases!

First, 99.9999999% of people on planet earth are not going to read all that! Lol

Second, the main guilts of Rabbi James Trimm (PHd?) are a) bad spelling and b) bad grammer. Both solved if he had a proof reader and editor - like me James! Lol

The only other Ill, if he does it, would be acceptance of Geez-us (Jesus) and/or anything Christian at all; since Jesus is the anti-Messiah, and Cathicism and her babies - Christianity - is The Whore of Babylon. But, YHVH did that for His purposes - see 2 These 2:11 - they are decieved by Yahweh, and cut off.

I don't agree with everything from anyone human, mostly - just like you!

I do have questions about certain things; but, those two don't get it , obviously.

There deception just made my questions irrelevant; and, I am going to buy, read and use Rabbi Trimms translation of the complete Torah (Bible)! Lol

That's what they did, which they did NOT intend to do! ;^P

That's how I can afford to support Doctor Trimms ministry efforts!

Baruch HaShem, b'shem Yesua HaMeshiach
Reviewer: Nat Sarim - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 7, 2012
Subject: Stunned
I am completely stunned at the reviews by "sourcesandfacts" & "help4truth".
As the enemy always works, a mild amount of truth is added to mass amounts of falsehood (or the other way around), and these examples here are certainly no exception.
These two "reviewers" have done the ever popular act of lumping numerous (and I do mean Numerous) different beliefs into one "cover-all" category, then giving it the label of "Hebraic Roots" or the equally popular love-to-hate category of "Sacred Name" (as if there would be a negative attribute to The Creator's very sacred Name??)
Under the headings of "Hebrew Roots" and/or "Sacred Name", are everyone from those who simply found out that our 2000 year old Messiah couldn't possibly have a 400 year old name, all the way to pure cults.
These two "reviewers" have lumped every such type of belief/person who believes, into one convenient category, and that, is Wrong, in any language.
I have disagreed with James on many occasion (you can check his own site for verification - I used the same username for that very reason - Yet after seeing the massive injustice being done to him on this website, I found it a necessity to speak up.
Much of what you accuse James of is true, it's true because of errors in YOUR doctrine, not his, yet many things you accuse him of are nothing more than you lumping him in with other groups of belief that You have deemed to be "The same", when in truth the belief of these groups differ greatly from James' beliefs.
In fact there are So Many of these instances that I won't even attempt to address them.
I will say however how "humorous"(if not so serious) it is that at least one person makes the claim that James' writings are somehow "Origen-esc"! Then quote how different James' writings are in comparison to what said person has labeled "Historical Christianity", to which would not and could not exist without Origen's agenda laden "translation" additions.
Speaking of agendas, "Agenda" is the perfect label for the "reviews" given by these two "reviewers".
Anyone who chooses to not take either side at face value, and thus decides to actually "read" The Scriptures "themselves", in sincere prayer, and without the commonly worn goggles of Eisegesis, will find James' writings to be errant in a few places, but the writings of those seeking rebuttal to him errant in MANY places.
Shame on those shunning truth in order to defend their well known "doctrine", which is not truth.
Baruch haba B'Shem Yahuah...and no one else.
Reviewer: JamesTrimm - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 10, 2012
Subject: False Review
Absolute falsehood I have never been a member of the Way International, nor have I ever even attended one of their meetings. You need to get your facts correct.

As for Michael Rood, I do not know Rood, I have not met Rood, I have never seen Rooad and I ahve never even spoken with the man. I am still teaching the same basic theology now that I was teaching in the 1980's before Rood ever came on the scene.

This whole review by "help4truth is simply filled with falsehoods.

Also a response to some of the other Slander that has been posted about me on the internet:

And accusations of plagerism were disproven in a federal lawsuit settled in our favor years ago:

How clear can I make this: I have nver been a member of The Way International formal or othertwise, I have never even attended one of their meetings. Although both myself and the Way International have had an interest in Aramaic origins of the "New Testament", apart from that I do not think my teachings share any real resemblance to those of the Way International. I do not agree with the doctrine of the Way International. I do not believe that I subscribe to any doctrine of the Way International that is unique to The Way vs. traditional Christiantity.
I do not believe I have ever quoted Victor Paul Wierwille in any of my books, and the few times I have quoted Lamsa in my books have mostly been to argue against something Lamsa said or wrote.

Moreover I have no association whatsoever with Michael Rood, I have never met the man, I have never even spoken with him on the phone.

The Hebraic Roots Version does not support any doctines of The Way International, and although we have a licence to use the Aramaic-English version of the Scriptures which they once published, they granted that to us as a settlment in a lawsuit which settled in our favor. I challenge you to find any passage in the HRV that supports an apostate Way International doctrine. (It has long been recognized that even their own AEINT tnds to conflict with TWI doctrines).

In fact I have written many articles AGAINST the Way International and its false doctines, as well as its history of alleged anti-semitism. I am no fan of either Victor Paul Wierwille or The Way International.

"Hopefully adults know that a lot of what they read on the web is just not right, and just not true. But kids don't know that, they read it and think that it says it, it must be true. … There is no editor on the internet so people can put stuff out there that is just absolutely drop dead wrong."
- Dr. Phil McGraw (Wed. 12-16-09)

There was a time back when I was younger that if something was in the newspaper you just figured it was the truth. But today with unlimited outlets and very little editorial control, what you read on the internet or even in print, can be really questionable. So ask yourself, do you believe the headlines? are you influenced by what comes over your computer screen? or do you still sit back and ask yourself “Hmmm… I wonder if that’s really true or I wonder if somebody is just being sensationalistic? Iit affects all of us so we really need to think about what we're believing

- Dr. Phil McGraw "Behind the Headlines" (5/28/2012)
Reviewer: sourcesandfacts - - October 9, 2012
Subject: Answer the questions - Answer the questions...they are not hard, and you should be willing
So, you claim to never have been a formal and official member of the Way International...BUT WHO CARES... IF you are still using THEIR material and advocating position, which are the materials, viewpoints and conclusions of hte Way International.

NO ONE CARES if you are not now a FORMAL member of the WAY international.

You use THEIR material, their doctrines, their teachers, their leaders, their mentors, their books, and their false Bible.

Your version ( HRM) is based and dependent on the incorrect bible of the Way International.

YOU SUPPORT their doctrines, their material and THEIR CONCLUSIONS !!!.

Lets be clear: THE Hebrew Roots Version you make money from, supports the doctrines of the WAY International,and
they LITERALLY actually gave you a license to do this.

Clearly the Way International believes it is their interest to support your work and HRM (false) version.

You DISTRACT by claiming to not be a FORMAL member of the Way international. People can still understand that you have not answered the questions below. Sorry for you, people are not as gullible or dumb as you think they are.

It is clear that you a preaching another Gospel, another Christ. The messiah you follow is not the Christ of God.

1. You quote their founder Victor Paul Wierwille many times throughout your works, and in those cases you do so approvingly.

2. You quote george Lamsa in many places through what you say and write, and in those cases you do so approvingly. When you quote Lamsa, it is clear you are quoting him either because
a) he supports your views or b) you are supporting his (depending on the particular context).

3. George Lamsa was a (poor) linguist who advanced the view that the New Testament was written originally in Aramaic. Conveniently, Lamsa happened to have his own Aramaic New Testament (which he had translate INTO his aramaic from other non-aramaic sources) to offer for sale.

As others have pointed out:

" Victor Paul Wierwille became associated in 1957 with Aramaic Bible scholar George M. Lamsa,
and Lamsa finished his translating the Lamsa Bible in Wierwille's home. Lamsa and Wierwille produced the first American Aramaic New Testament in 1960.

[ The_Way_International - wiki ].

4. Lamsa was a personal friend of both the founder of the Way International Victor Paul Wierwille , and William Branham.

[ source: - wiki ]

5. Lamsa denied that Jesus was the Christ.

6. Lamsa's views have much in common with the occult view of christianity.

7. Victor Paul Wierwille and the Way International deny the historic Christian doctrine of the Trinity.

George Lamsa denied the historic Christian doctrine of the Trinity.

You (James Trimm) deny the historic Christian doctrine of the Trinity.

( and just to state the obvious: If you do not deny the doctrine of the Trinity btw, please clarify where you have ever stated this ! )

" The Way rejects the Trinity, and teaches that, unlike God, Jesus is not omniscient, omnipotent, or omnipresent. According to their ministry, Jesus did not exist before his birth except in the foreknowledge of God. The Way teaches that at his birth, God created the sperm to fertilize Mary's ovum, and is the literal father of Jesus. "

[ The_Way_International - wiki ].

One book written by Victor Paul Wierwille actually has the title "Jesus Christ is Not God",
in which he addressed his belief that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God and Messiah but not a persona of the Christian God or a pre-existent being

[ Victor_Paul_Wierwille - wiki ].

The relationship between Lamsa and the Way International and its founder Victor Paul Wierwille, has been well established:

" Wierwille, became associated in 1957 with Aramaic Bible scholar George M. Lamsa who
finished his translation work for the The Holy Bible from Ancient Eastern Manuscripts (Lamsa Bible) in Wierwille's home. Lamsa and Wierwille together produced the first American Aramaic grammar in 1960 for the study of Biblical manuscripts with the ancient Estrangelo letters.
Believing the original New Testament was written in Aramaic, he was a supporter of George Lamsa's translation of the Bible, and used it frequently. "

[ Victor_Paul_Wierwille - wiki ].

In reference to Lamsa and his version Bruce Chilton, scholar and prominent Aramicist, has said :

A still less defensible tendency confuses Aramaic of the first century with Syriac, a different form of the language. The approach of George Lamsa, who used the Peshitta Syriac version as an index of replicating Jesus’ teaching in Aramaic, has been taken up and popularized by Neil Douglas-Klotz. This approach willfully perpetuates a basic confusion of language, since Aramaic and Syriac come from different centuries and areas (although they are closely related Semitic languages), and is based on uncritical treatment of the Peshitta, a Syriac version of the Gospels

The well-known ministry Christian Research International (CRI) characterized lamsa as having occult theology (metaphysical teachings), which is not hard to agree with:

In 1989 the Christian Evangelical apologetics research ministry Christian Research Institute asserted in a published review that several of Lamsa's theological positions and interpretations were not supported by the Bible. The review concludes by saying:

" On the surface, Lamsa appears to be a revealer of biblical truth and culture and a friend of evangelical Christianity. Closer study, however, has revealed that Lamsa promotes metaphysical, not evangelical teachings which have led him to inaccurate interpretations and translations of portions of the Bible. As an ambassador of Nestorian, not biblical culture, Lamsa became a cultic figure in his own right. "

[ George_M_Lamsa - wiki ].

On one of your websites, you clarify that the Way International initiated a lawsuit against you.
In that same comment you clarify that the Way International eventually settled out of court, and futher that THEY issued you a liscense to use THEIR material.

You stated:

" As many of you know The Way International had filed a lawsuit against myself and the WNAE (under our old name of SANJ) this last summer, alleging that portions of the HRV Scriptures infringed on the copyright of a translation they once published about twenty years ago."

So it was clear, that your association to the material of the Way International was a perception, held NOT ONLY by many who observed your work, but by the WAY International itself also !!!

Second, it was clear based on the comments you wrote, that the Way International clearly understood YOUR MATERIAL and YOUR [so-called] Bible Version to be based on and/or derived

Your same article correctly noted:

" As part of the settlement they have issued us a permanent license with no monetary consideration. Also as part of the settlement we have maintained that there was no copyright infringement on our part, however we have also agreed as part of this license agreement, to henceforth give credit in editions of the HRV to the TWI version. (Thus allegations of copyright infringement are forever ended.). "

So the remedy for the lawsuit, from the perspective of the WAY International, was not to
clarify that you had NOT used THEIR material. But rather their remedy was that they retained the
rights to THEIR bible version, and issued a license TO YOU to make use of their material.

In other words, according to your own article, your material in your work and your bible version,
is derived from the work, material and content belonging to the Way International, and they
have gratiously allowed you to CONTINUE USING that material.

Now WHY would anyone think that you are associated with the Way International, and their work and their theology ????

BECAUSE YOU ARE !!! and the lawsuit confirms that, further by the issuance to you of a Liscense from the Way International in order for you to CONTINUE USING THEIR MATERIALS in your version, your works, and the content of your enterprise.

So the Way International knows you use and used their material.

Those who watch and read or listen to your own work also understand and have correctly identified The Way International as a major source for your theology, your conclusions and your works, including your Bible Version.

And your work is also based on the work of Victor Paul Wierwille and George Lamsa who worked with Victor Paul Wierwille in the spreading and endeavors of the Way International.

You authored a document called " The truth and the evidence for the originality of the Hebraic Roots Version by James Scott Trimm"

" Around 1995 I was asked to serve on the Board of Directors of the Aramaic Bible Society, originally founded by Dr. George M. Lamsa." That statement is on Page THREE of your own document. Clearly you are hardly distancing yourself from Lamsa, and in fact much of your work is based on Lamsa's work and conclusions.

As to Rood, and your association with him, or your syncronicity with his views, lets just say that
others have pointed this out. One example is here at .

Again this is just putting basic facts together. Your claims about Jesus Christ are false.
Your claims about who is the Messiah is false. Your understanding of the history of Biblical manuscripts is very colored by ---- and Lamsa, both of whom were horrendous scholars and worse theologians. By all historic standards of Christianity, you deny that the Jesus of the New Testament is the Christ-Messiah. You further deny the Trinity and other major points of Christian doctrine.

You can teach what you want but it is not Orthodox non-talmudic Judaism, and it certainly is not historic Biblical Christianity. Your views are closest to the Unitarian- New Age [Origen-based] Way International, and the statements made by others should be a strong warning to those who are seeking truth or historic accuracy through your materials. They will be appear to be wanting for a very long time.

As others have asked of you:

As seen on some postings, Mr Trimm now wishes to disclaim the Way International.

Will Mr. Trimm also Disclaim the false version of George Lamsa ?

Will Mr. Trimm also Disclaim his own work based on the the false version of George Lamsa ?

Will Mr. Trimm also disclose the relationship between George Lamsa and Victor Paul Wierwille who founded the Way International ?

Will Mr. Trimm also disclose and admit that his Hebrew Roots Version of the Bible is a re-tread
of the material of the Way International, and that his HRM Version of the Bible, is possible because the Way International issued a liscence to Him, for Free, in order so that he (James Trimm) could make free use of the Way Internatinonal Version of the Bible ???

The Hebrew Roots Movement promoted by Mr. Trimm is another vehicle for the work and
errant doctrines of the Way International, which contradict 2000 years of Christianity.

Surely Mr. Trimm is aware that there are 25,000 portions of the New Testament that have been discovered in Koine Greek, and that this includes 5000 koine GREEK manuscripts, and another 20,000 lectionaries in which the passages from the New Testament have been discovered, and that THEYare written in ancient koine GREEK ???

Does Mr. Trimm understand that these are ancient GREEK manuscripts from all over the world and not Aramaic ???

Will Mr. Trimm also Disclaim the work of those who deny the Trinity ?

Will Mr. Trimm also admit that His Messiah is not the Jesus Christ of the historic New Testament ?

[ The_Way_International - wiki ].

[ George_M_Lamsa - wiki ].

[ Victor_Paul_Wierwille - wiki].

[ About Hebrew Roots].

[ Frequently Asked Questions About Hebrew Roots ].

[ Problems with the Sacred Name movement ].

[ which Jesus -which Christ ].

[ george-m-lamsa ].

It is obvious that you have no clue who the messiah is.

You certainly are against Jesus Christ as the Messiah or Savior.

You are certainly opposed to standard historic documented Christianity, as is available through many links and accurate books.

You are not reliable.

You are not honest in disclosing where your material comes from.

The sources others have listed are there for everyone to read and compare with your material.
You teach material that is not historical and it is not accurate. And you refuse to answer basic questions.

Everyone can tell whether or not you are answering the questions.


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